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I am a mother and grandmother who loves to bake cookies. I always thought cookies were much easier for my children to handle than a big piece of cake. I began baked cookies for my family and friends. When the grandchildren came along, I introduced them to all kinds of cookies.

One day someone told me I should sell my cookies. I never thought in a thousand years that anyone would pay for my cookies. Well, they did, and I got flooded with cookie orders. Today I enjoy seeing the look on my customers face when they try the cookies for the first time, or a new cookie recipe.

The name Cookie Confessions came from when my earliest customers refuse share their cookies with other family members and friends. I asked them to repeat one confession with me, “I will share these cookies”. Thus, Cookie Confessions was born. 

My goal today is to bring joy to people all over the world through Cookie Confessions. With one try, you will know my cookies are the best you have ever tasted.

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